Benefits Of JainSangh

Member and Trustee Connect:

Provides all Sangh members, management - Trustee information at fingertips in secured and easily accessible manner that can be used for the benefits of Sangh as well for helping individual members in a professional or personal manner and create strong bonding within Sangh by creating awareness. Trustees can send Sangh specific events information to all members with mobile app in matter of seconds.

Sangh Directory:

Latest and updated information of all Sangh members including address, contact details (mobile/Email), professional, blood group, native place, Dharmik abhyas, Diksha in their family. Sangh management can produce latest directory of all members in matter of hours or print address labels for mailing purpose, send information about Sangh Swami Vatsalya, election or any such matters.

Sangh Facilities Details:

Make all respective Sangh Facilities information to Sangh members and to other Sangh Members. Facilities include - Derasarji, Upashray (Sadhu), Upashray (Sadhvi), PathShala, Gyanbhandar, Ayambil Shala, Bhojan Shala, chauvihar House. Information like Opening/closing Time, address, seating capacity, contact information (e.g. Pujari, Ayambil-shala manager, Librarian etc).

Member Services:

Daily pachkhan in multiple languages, Navkarsi to Choiviar timings, Members can make online booking for Angi/Aarti for specific tithi/date, make registration for Sangh initiatives like Yatra, Tapsharya, pay lago, get reminders for pending dues/boli, make a donation to Sangh. Sangh can enable advertise section for sangh members (e.g. their Business) for nominal fees (Additional income for Sangh).

Sangh internal Groups:

Member can register for sangh specific group like Yuva mandal, Pratikraman Mandal etc.

Sadhu / Sadhvi Maharaj:

Information of chomasu or present Acharya and Thana, their stay details, Vyakhyan timings, Shibir details, Notifications, Key learnings sharing.
Sadharmik Bhakti:

Our Sadharmiks within respective Sangh can request privately and attain the benefits as per the need with dignity and without disclosing in public. Education/ Medical Sahay can be requested by those who are in need to Trustees.

Share latest happening:

Jain community can share latest and up to date information and happenings about their own Sangh and also external to Sangh (lke information about open invitation for Yatra Pravas, Updhan aayojan, Attham, Conferences etc, also matters which require immediate action like Shikhar ji issue, Legal matters etc..


Special consideration is given to Sangh Pathshalas, where mobile technology will be used to connect Teachers, Parents and Students for taking daily attendance and sharing with parents with single click, track progress of student (Sutras/syllabus), revision of class learning by Knowledgeable fun quiz on mobile, conducting practice tests, share digital story lines of Jain Characters. It will be also used to share best practices of other PathShalas and share their teaching material.

Secure and Efficient Sangh Management through Administrators :

Super-admin can register Sangh. Once Sangh registration is approved, respective Sangh Admin can manage/approve/remove members or trustees of respective Sangh. Members or Trustees can self register through Mobile app or Web application.