Overview Of JainSangh


With digitization of almost all the facets of our daily lives, it is important for our Jain community to come together on a same platform. The purpose of this responsive website is to provide a single platform from which all Sanghs, their Honorable Trustees and members can connect to their Sanghs, their Pathshalas and events. For this, Vnurture has created a website based on the requirements provided, with a purpose to have a centralized database of Trusts, Sanghs and Pathshala under each Sangh.


To connect all Jain Sanghs around the globe in such a way that all the Jain community shares the same platform for latest and up-to-date information and events.


To keep the torch of knowledge of this great philosophy burning, and to raise the awareness of faith & principles of this precious heritage, through connecting all the Jain Sanghs around the globe.


Following information will be readily available to all the registered Jain Sangh around the globe:

  • Members and Trustees
  • Centralized and updated Sangh Directory
  • Sangh Facilities Details
  • Member Services
  • Sangh internal Groups
  • Sadhu / Sadhvi Maharaj
  • Sadharmik Bhakti
  • Share latest happenings
  • Pathshala

And foremost, a secured and efficient Sangh Management through Administrators.

High-level Functionality

Super Admin will be able to::

  • Create, Edit and Update:
    • Trust and Sangh pages
    • Sangh Administrator with specific rights
    • Pathshala under each Sangh
    • Pathshala Teacher
  • Add and Delete:
    • Downloadable PDF forms for particular Trust and Sangh
    • News and notifications which will be displayed on home page.
    • Special notification for any member
  • Import and export member’s lists.